Visual project management

Finally, a project management solution centered around creative.

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Projects help keep your team and tasks organized and on track.

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Add your team

Get your team lined up on every project. In Projects, each team member has access to the Spaces and files that are a part of that Project.

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Set up to-dos

Good team management means knowing how to make assignments and track progress. Hightail makes it easy for you to start delegating work to your team members by assigning to-dos with specific due dates.

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Group chat with other project members

Start a discussion

Keep your team involved in every step of the creative process, and collect their feedback in ongoing conversations with your clients. With Discussions, you can post Space level updates and discuss decisions that are relevant to the overall campaign, not just a specific file.

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Assign follow-ups

Keep your team accountable by assigning follow-ups with due dates on feedback that requires additional work. Tasks will remain highlighted until they are marked as resolved.

Assign follow up tasks to team members
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Route approvals

Request approvals from multiple team members or clients, in a specific order with due dates. Hightail makes it easy for reviewers to approve content with a single click, or let you know that there is additional feedback. The approval status will be clearly marked on the file, so you can quickly see what's good to publish, go live or move to the next creative round.

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Keep tabs on creative progress

Your Hightail dashboard is an activity feed that shows live updates of new creative files, comments, next steps and approvals around assets for all of the Spaces that you follow.

Add mentions to projects

Stay on top of teamwork

Streamline creative and steer clear of bottlenecks by keeping tabs on your team member's to-dos with Team View.

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“Any design related requests happen in Hightail
where creative reviews can happen more organically.”

Cary Gilbert / Traffic Manager / HZDG

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