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Sending files is the first step

Creative collaboration begins with sending files. That’s why Hightail makes it
easy to send your designs, photography, videos, illustrations, PDFs and
presentations to anyone. Full image previews allow your
team to view your work instantly without downloading files first.

“Hightail is a great way to get proofs to clients.”

Gary Lott
Gary Lott Photography

Collaborate in one place

With our new Hightail Spaces feature, you can capture specific feedback on file
previews so you know exactly what changes are needed. Upload a new version
and it goes front-and-center, while previous versions and comments remain easy
to access. You’ll never go back to email.

“Hightail Spaces lets us stream video and comment
inline so all feedback is contextual.”

Martin Pelham
Manager of Media Services

Designed for mobile

Wherever you are, review work and leave comments using Hightail Spaces for
iOS and Android. Take photos of your napkin sketches or whiteboard sessions
and share them with your team right away.

“The iPhone app keeps me on point when on a shoot and helps me
build my credibility with clients.”

Mike Collins
Cinema Mercantile Motion Pictures