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Free the world's creativity

We live in an era of unprecedented creativity.
 From artists to ad execs, multimedia whizz kids to midwest marketing managers, the need for creativity extends across every sector, from large corporations to small businesses and freelancers.

In the digital world, creativity is more collaborative than ever. Creative collaboration happens when designers, filmmakers, photographers and other creators work with managers, clients and partners to take projects from concept to completion, via multiple rounds of feedback and iteration. But we lack good tools to manage this process. Most of us remain trapped in email despite its obvious flaws, while others silo themselves away from clients and colleagues
 in specialist services.

Hightail aims to free the world's creativity by making creative collaboration more intuitive and accessible. As the company that helped creative professionals share their large video, design, artwork, photography and presentation files for more than a decade, Hightail is uniquely positioned to solve the problems of creative collaboration. Having seen files labeled from "v.1" to "v.12" being sent back and forth, we knew there needed to be a better way to share ideas, collect feedback and get to the final version.

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