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Please note that the deadline should be the time and date when you need the document to be in your e-mail inbox. The deadline should ideally allow you plenty of time before the date for submission to address any suggestions and recommendations made by the proofreader (these often involve the need to add or complete bibliographical references), as well as to print and bind the document.

For ‘format’, please specify either British or American English. The style guide could be, for example, Harvard referencing, Chicago referencing, APA style, a weblink to the author instructions of a journal, etc. If no style guide is supplied we will correct the text and the references to the style that is prevalent in the document to ensure internal consistency.

You can submit as much information as you like in the message box below, such as the name and address of your institution and the VAT number if available. Those pieces of information are helpful in determining whether you have to pay VAT or not.

For more information please visit our website at http://www.proof-reading-service.com

Questions? Please e-mail us at manuscript.editing.services@googlemail.com

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