Hightail for Media & Entertainment

Hightail is an amazing technology. We use it and love it.

Noah Broadwater
Chief Technology Officer,
Sesame Workshop

After the final cut

Media file sharing makes the producing of a film, TV show, radio show or podcast go smoothly. While the project is ramping up, you need to share material between team members.

Next comes distribution, not just of the final piece itself but of promotional material, trailers, dailies, b-roll, stills and more to your local, nationwide and global broadcasters, partners and fans.

Bottom line: the simple solution to send large video files and other digital material while keeping your copyrighted content protected is online media file sharing.

We work with thousands of partners around the world and need to share video, animations and graphics rapidly and securely.

Noah Broadwater — Chief Technology Officer, Sesame Workshop

Hightail nails it

Hightail is a simple and secure media file sharing option. Share your creations and work together with partners to make sure the world gets to see and hear about them.

Rock-solid encryption technology ensures Hightail conforms to global media file sharing security standards. Security features like password protection and recipient identity verification safeguards your material until it's ready for release.

Retain control of everything you share by using our tracking feature to see who has accessed your shared material and when. When you need to remove an old show, it's a simple matter of expiring the relevant folders and adding the newest episode. It's not just about how to send large video files, it's also about how to archive them when the project is over.

Conserve your resources

Hightail takes the burden off your IT infrastructure. Rather than maintain an expensive FTP server or clog up your Exchange server by sending the same large attachments again and again, media file sharing with Hightail gives you unlimited storage and easy access to your projects.

Hightail's mobile apps let you access a project when you're on location. Any changes made to a file are instantly updated so that your team stays on track and in touch. Media file sharing is about being in sync with your team and ahead of the game.

  • Send large video files, audio and images with anyone
  • Ensure you meet the highest security requirements
  • Track who has viewed your material and when
  • Media file sharing makes IT easy
  • Access your work from anywhere

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