Hightail for Creators

My studio is far from the music industry centers of Los Angeles and New York, but with Hightail I'm virtually minutes away.

Alex Newburgh
Executive Producer,
Epiphany Music, Inc.

The creative arts

Creative people need creative solutions. For musicians, photographers and filmmakers sharing work quickly and easily with clients, distributers and publishers is a familiar problem. High quality digital reproductions of songs, photos and videos are often too large to email to your creative team and clients.

And less-than-creative solutions like FTP make the issue even more complex. Who wants to spend most of their day transferring files and not focusing on creating the best possible work?

You need creative solutions that enable you to be able to connect and create with your team and your clients no matter where they are based.

I needed an effective way to share photographs with my clients.

Katherine Tracy Page - Founder, Babycake Studios

The creative smarts

Hightail is a simple and secure space for sharing creative work with anyone and developing new ideas with other artists. Shared folders allow a creative team to work together remotely; any edits to a file are immediately updated so everyone can see the latest version.

Creative solutions also mean solutions for everyone. Whether your client is a newly married couple, an independent record label or a global ad agency, Hightail is the easiest and most secure way to share your work. A client might wonder how to share large files, but you'll have the solution with Hightail.

Keep it simple, keep it moving

Hightail doesn't come with an instruction manual or require a training course on how to send large files. Hightail works where you work: at your desk or on any mobile device. If you're on location, your work comes with you simply and seamlessly. E-signature means you can complete contracts and approve orders without having to hunt down a printer and scanner.

As an artist or producer or anywhere in between, Hightail's creative solutions ensure that your projects run smoothly from here on out.

  • Share high res video, photos and audio files
  • Support your creativity with creative solutions
  • Work with other artists and clients in one simple space
  • Access your latest project from your phone or tablet
  • Sign documents using your touchscreen

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