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"Our creative department shares large video files with TV stations across the country."

Ari Pitchenik, Creative Services Manager, Tribune Broadcasting

Getting your video out there

Making a video is a big job that involves lots of people. When the hard work of scripting, shooting and editing is done, the last thing you need is a problem sharing the final cut with your production team and clients.

Sending large video files has always been a problem for email. Other solutions like FTP servers are complex and don't offer the kind of security you need when sharing your valuable work. Whether you're sharing full videos, dailies, b-roll, or stills you need a simple solution for sending these large video files.

Fast and secure sharing

Hightail is the simple and secure way to send large videos files. Simply upload the file to our secure servers and we'll email a link to your team or client that allows them to download it whenever they wish.

Hightail's intuitive interface means it is easy to use, while our rock-solid encryption technology conforms to global security standards to safeguard your video until it's ready for release.

Sharing mobile video

Hightail's range of mobile apps lets you access and share your videos from your mobile device. With apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 devices, you can get it done wherever you are.

You can also upload photos and videos straight from your mobile and instantly send your latest video to anyone.

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"We use Hightail to share video, animations and graphics rapidly and securely with partners around the world."

Noah Broadwater
Chief Technology Officer, Sesame Workshop