Reporting, Auditing and Policies

"We need an audit trail. With the ability to track exactly where data goes and when it's received, Hightail provides this tracking assurance."

John Roman, Director of Litigation Technology Services, Nixon Peabody

Stay in control

Hightail's data management tools help your teams work together more effectively while providing your account administrators with an easy way to manage and control your company's valuable data.

From setting and enforcing corporate use policies, authorizing users through centralized security policy management and monitoring usage, Hightail gives your business the data management tools that ensure you retain complete control over your valuable information.

Policy management and reporting

Hightail's EMS makes data management easy for administrators and apply centralized corporate policies for acceptable use and file retention both on the web and for desktop and mobile applications. Setting password policies and file expiration time limits can make additional security options mandatory for your users.

A detailed reporting dashboard provides insight into usage trends and user activities, from high-level highlights of aggregate use and ROI illustrations to in-depth analysis of specific individual or file activity. Your data management is presented clearly and handled efficiently.

A secure audit trail

Auditing and reporting is an essential part of business. Detailed transaction logs also enable business to maintain a complete audit trail of who has seen specific information and when.

Security technology and features enable compliance with various industry standards including TRUSTe, PCI, HIPAA, and GLBA. Hightail is data management with security, ease and style.

Secure and control your work

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  • Centrally manage corporate policies
  • Control information availability by date
  • Full reporting dashboard on usage
  • Maintain an audit trail
  • Comply with data management governance policies
"As a bank, we are mandated to secure our customers' sensitive financial information. Hightail is very secure."

Mark Heinemann
Chief Information Officer, Farmers State Bank of Hartland