Mobile file sharing wherever you are

"I'm on the run all the time so it's hard when my editors need me to review a video. I hate being the one holding up their progress."

Sean McCarthy, Creative Director, Guerilla Wanderers

On the road, not off the map

Mobile file sharing can set you free. A mobile device is essential for keeping up with your email inbox when you're out and about. But what about your other work?

Without mobile file sharing, those project files and folders are stuck on your desktop computer. Maybe you've tried emailing documents back and forth but it wastes time and taxes your device's limited storage, especially if you frequently send large files. Mobile file sharing is the best way to solve these issues.

Phone it in

Mobile file sharing means your project files and folders aren't held hostage on your desktop computer. Access them directly on your phone or tablet without straining your device's storage capabilities. All your folders are there and sharing large files is just as easy. Any changes you make are automatically updated so you'll see them when you're back at your desk.

With a free Hightail mobile app, everything you do with Hightail at your computer, you can do on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Samsung S-Pen, as well as iPad and Windows 8 tablet. Mobile computing across all kinds of devices keeps Hightail flexible.

It's even easier with an app

Digitally signing documents with Hightail's e-signature service makes the hunt for printers and scanners a thing of the past. Simply use your finger to sign your name on your device's touch screen, and then send the document back to your client or lawyer.

Using a Hightail app provides the same levels of encryption as our website, so your information remains as secure as ever. Mobile file sharing catapults your business into the future.

Access your work from anywhere

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  • Access your projects with mobile file sharing
  • Any changes are instantly updated
  • E-sign documents on your phone
  • Data encryption to and from your device
  • Apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8
"Being able to save a document on your PC that automatically syncs to your iPad is great, but knowing it's done securely is even better."

Nectarios Lazaris
Group Chief Information Officer, Woods Bagot