Microsoft & Hightail

"Hightail just sits as a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and kicks in when you attach a file larger than 10MB. People don't have to change the way they work."

Andrew Freiberger, IT Manager, CHI & Partners

Work with your Microsoft tools

Microsoft continues to dominate the business software market with its PC operating system and Office suite. If your business has made a significant investment in Microsoft technologies, Hightail lets you work with some of the most powerful tools to send files and work together more effectively.

Outlook plugin

Hightail comes with free DSC software that connects with your existing Microsoft Active Directory service. Once the DSC is installed and configured, it's easy to create a group in Active Directory for users to be provided with Hightail accounts automatically.

Centralized set-up allows IT to provide Hightail accounts for individual users, specific teams, or the entire company. Users do not have to sign up or accept invitations and accounts are easily disabled if an employee leaves. Accounts can also be managed manually for added flexibility.

Enhance security and how you work

The Hightail plugin for Microsoft Outlook solves the problem of sending large attachments from the popular email application. All attachments larger than the Exchange server limit are automatically sent via Hightail.

Large incoming attachments are also stored in Hightail and as none of these files pass through the Exchange server, it helps increase capacity and prevent network slowdowns and crashes.

Best of all, you can access Hightail folders right from Outlook so you don't even have to leave your mailbox to access or share the latest version of a file.

SharePoint plugin

Microsoft's collaboration software SharePoint is an internal tool so sending documents to externals clients or partners involves an ad hoc workaround.

The Hightail plugin lets users securely send files from the SharePoint Document Library right from the app, while tracking which documents have been shared and with whom.

Make the most of Microsoft

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  • Makes the most of your investment
  • Automatically send large email attachments
  • Increase Exchange server capacity
  • See Hightail folders you're your mailbox
  • Send SharePoint documents to external partners
"Our users are working in SharePoint all the time. With Hightail they just right-click to send a file. That makes it much easier for everybody to communicate and collaborate."

David Michel
Chief Information Officer, Burr & Forman