Cloud Storage

"Storing all my music sessions on Hightail puts my entire catalog at my fingertips, enabling me to work faster."

Alex Newburgh, Executive Producer, Epiphany Music

As vast as the sky

Cloud storage can sound otherworldly, but for fast-paced businesses creating new material every day it's the best way to store files. The days of worrying about your system collapsing under the sheer weight of data are over. By storing files on Hightail and working directly in the cloud, there's no need for onsite servers.

With Hightail's cloud storage, each of your licensed users get unlimited space for all their important presentations, spreadsheets, photographs, videos and more, plus can access these files and folders wherever they are working.

Anywhere access

As fewer people spend a working day tied to a single machine, cloud storage means you can access important work documents from any workstation or mobile device.

Hightail's range of phone and tablet apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8 puts all your files and folders within easy reach. With Hightail's cloud services, you can also use other computers, laptops or devices to access your work via our website.

Data center security

Of course, cloud services brings up questions of security. When your business information is stored on Hightail's servers, it is secured with AES 256-bit encryption. The data centers are protected by state of the art security and protection from seismic activity, flood, fire and other natural disasters.

All servers are secured in a locked room with limited access restricted to authorized individuals. In addition, Hightail's data centers have built-in system redundancy and high-performance load balancers. Cloud storage takes the server worries away from you and leaves you free to store, share and access all your digital files.

Store all your work securely

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  • Unlimited cloud storage for all your users
  • Help your own servers run more effectively
  • Access your information from anywhere
  • 256-bit AES encryption at rest
  • Highly secure data centers
"More of our people use iPads, iPhone or Droids. With Hightail, no matter where you are, you've got a folder just like the folder on your desktop."

David Michel
Chief Information Officer, Burr & Forman