Active Directory & Hightail

"A system that requires IT to manually add and remove users is not a good use of their time. Using Active Directory meant Hightail was very easy and quick to set up."

David Michel, Chief Information Officer, Burr & Forman

Connect with Active Directory

Work with Active Directory tools to make an effective transition to Hightail. You'll want to get everyone on your team using Hightail as quickly as possible, so the Hightail Directory Services Connector (DSC) takes the effort out of initial set-up and ongoing maintenance by working with your existing IT setup, including Microsoft Active Directory tools.

The easy way to install at scale

Hightail comes with free DSC software that connects with your existing Microsoft Active Directory tools. Once the DSC is installed and configured, it's easy to create a group in Active Directory for users to be provided with Hightail accounts automatically.

Centralized set-up allows IT to provide Hightail accounts for individual users, specific teams, or the entire company. Users do not have to sign up or accept invitations and accounts are easily disabled if an employee leaves. Accounts can also be managed manually for added flexibility.

Enhance security and how you work

DSC allows IT to enable single sign-on (SSO) for users, letting them access Hightail using their existing corporate username and password. As well as making life easier for users, SSO enhances your security by keeping authentication details within your network.

Connecting Hightail's DSC to your Active Directory tools allows you to seamlessly plug Hightail in to other Microsoft tools. Outlook users can email large attachments without leaving their mailbox, while SharePoint users can securely send documents to external partners.

Hightail's seamless use of Active Directory tools makes any transition smooth and simple.

Connect with Active Directory

Get Started
  • Directory Services Connector integrates with Active Directory tools
  • Set-up users with ease
  • Manage group and individuals
  • Use single sign-on for extra security
  • Work with Outlook and SharePoint
"We have Active Directory integration with Hightail. When a new employee starts, they automatically get a Hightail account. It's easier than creating an email account."

Nectarios Lazaris
Group Chief Information Officer, Woods Bagot