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Fútbol Magazine Cover Design World renowned soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is front in center both in the game and in the headlines. This editorial design features the Portuguese national and Spanish all-star heartthrob alongside today's most impactful headlines

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Published July 07, 2017

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  1. FENCE MEDIA 5h ago

    This is nice work, Carl Barts!

    Jon Paul, What do you think? Are we good to go?

  2. JON PAUL 3h ago

    Approved! Let's go with it.

  1. FENCE MEDIA 1d 6h ago

    Looks great! Just a few minor tweaks and I think we're done here :)

  2. CARL BARTS 1d 3h ago

    Sweet! Thanks!!

  1. FENCE MEDIA 3d 7h ago

    Align the spine logo with the top of the f on cover.

    JON PAUL2d ago


  2. FENCE MEDIA 2d ago

    Update to the same font used for the date on cover.

    JON PAUL1d 2h ago


  3. FENCE MEDIA 13d 4h ago

    Can you clean up his part. It's crooked and killing me! :X

    JON PAUL12d 5h ago

    Haha! Me too!! Not a problem, luckily I am also a licensed photoshop barber ;)

  4. FENCE MEDIA 11d 6h ago

    Let's drop these down a touch as well.

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  1. FENCE MEDIA 1d ago

    Seeing some harsh lines here, can we feather a bit?

  2. CARLS BARTS 1d 3h ago

    Totally. Working on it now...

  1. FENCE MEDIA 1d ago

    Needs some balance...

    Let's add "Twins, United, Portugal and more inside..." in body copy below

    JON PAUL3h ago

    You got it!

  2. FENCE MEDIA 1d ago

    Better but he still looks like a giant in comparison to Cristiano.

    Maybe we should bump up Ronaldo and meet in the middle.

    JON PAUL 3h ago

    sounds good. Coming right up...

  3. FENCE MEDIA 1d ago

    Move the ball to the back above the barcode

    JON PAUL 3h ago

    Perfect. Will do.

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  1. FENCE MEDIA 10d ago

    RONALDO looks a bit soft here. Can we sharpen his image up a bit?

    CARLS BARTS 9d 3h ago

    Can do.

  2. FENCE MEDIA 27d ago

    Not crazy about the alignment here. Can we tuck line 2 beneath line 3? Feel free to play with copy. Also, Should be page 33.

    JON PAUL 26d ago

    Whoops! Ok got it! Will update both points in the next round.

  3. FENCE MEDIA 25d 6h ago

    Can we scale down the ad a touch ( 5-10% ). The proportion from front to back are off.

    JON PAUL 5d 5h ago

    Agreed. 10% less Brasileiro coming right up! :)

  4. FENCE MEDIA 5d ago

    We don't need the barcode twice. Let's lose it and drop in the Tex evasion story.

    Copy"Could Cristiano really be facing time behind bars?" Pg.51

    JON PAUL 5d ago

    All over it!

  5. FENCE MEDIA 5d ago

    Let's fade the stadium texture in at the bottom of the top 1/3 of the page to keep it super clean behind the Title.

  6. FENCE MEDIA 5d ago

    Add date

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