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  • CNBC

    Designers, photographers, video editors and marketing teams rejoice! Someone is hoping to rescue you from the soul-sapping email workflow. Email is a scourge to most creative professionals — whose work requires a collaborative, visual process rather than a disorganized email workflow — and now several start-ups are hoping to marginalize it as much as possible.

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  • The Next Web

    There are loads of tools for collaborating on files with a team, but most of them only let you add comments to files or work with documents and PDFs. Hightail’s new app lets you mark up images and video just as easily.

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  • Adweek

    The wand-waving and arm-flapping that defined a Wii-inspired generation of gamers are going out of vogue—and that's a problem for Just Dance. The video game built up a following of 54 million users who depended on motion-control technology—which game consoles from manufacturers like Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox no longer bundle for free.

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  • TrendHunter

    Hightail, the company that was formally known as YouSendIt, is offering a new product called Spaces, that is designed specifically for collaborating on work projects. While YouSendIt was all about sending or receiving large files, Spaces is less about storage and more about collaboration on shared files.

  • Gigaom Research

    It’s hardly news that enterprise file sharing technology has become commoditized. That process has very visibly played out in the tech media over several months now. However, most of the articles written have assumed that pure play file sharing startups have a bleak future, if any, as Microsoft, Google, Citrix and other platform vendors continue to commoditize both functionality and pricing.

  • Engadget

    Remember YouSendIt? Late in the last decade, you probably send or received some big files through the service, perhaps of questionable legality. Regardless of how pirates may have used it, the company found success with businesses -- but as online storage became more and more of a commodity, the company rebranded as Hightail and started focusing on collaboration around those shared files.