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Executive Team Bios

Our chief collaborators

Meet the people leading the transformation of how teams collaborate on creative projects

  • Ranjith Kumaran


    "I build products with long-lasting appeal, like Hightail’s simple way to send large files. Now I want to help our 45 million users overcome their next great challenge: creative collaboration. And for Crystal Palace to win the EPL."

  • Karin Roeschlein

    VP of Finance

    "I believe in smart spending. If an outlay brings obvious benefits, I encourage it. I compare spending to a bottle of wine: you need to pass on the flashy over-priced bottles to find something delicious that is worth the money you spend."

  • Shiva Paranandi

    SVP, Engineering & Operations

    "I’m very analytical and prefer to use data to drive decisions rather than rely on emotions or personal opinions, especially for large scale projects. Regular meditation helps me maintain the clear state of mind critical for performing effective analysis."

  • Ted Everson

    VP of Design

    "20 years ago I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger where I routinely talked to people in my village about their needs and what a project's success would look like. This early lesson in person-centered design thinking has influenced my subsequent career as a product and service designer."

  • Deborah Holstein

    VP of Marketing

    "I enjoy marketing's blend of concrete business metrics and an audience's often-intangible motivations. This kind of complex problem solving demands collaboration with smart creative people, which is a skill I look to develop in the people I mentor as a volunteer for Everwise."

  • David Beckwith

    VP Business & Corp Development

    "I like taking on new initiatives to build or redefine things of real impact, such as overhauling our vendor and partner arrangements. Books are a major source of ideas and communication strategies for me – I read about one a week."

  • Ron Pierson

    Senior Director of Sales and Customer Success

    "I like to win. If it involves a ball, I become competitive, whether that’s golf, ping-pong, bowling, basketball or bocce. I bring this passion to sales as well except that in this case, I’m driven more by our customers’ success. I only win when they do."

  • Jennifer Mark

    Director, Customer Support

    "I grew up working at my family's neighborhood café. My parents created a sustainable business from nothing more than quality products and excellent service. I learned that a great experience cultivates a loyal customer base and I've applied this lesson in all my subsequent customer service roles."

  • Danielle Maino

    Senior Manager, Human Resources

    "I enjoy watching people develop professional skills and advance their careers. Scuba is a passion of mine because each dive reveals whole new worlds of possibility. I get the same feeling when I see the inspiring creativity of our employees."

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