Creative Community. Redefined.

Not just show and tell.

The Creative Collaboration Community

While most design driven communities are focused on “show and tell”, we are different. Collabrate’s mission is to create a community where creative professions come to give – and receive – creative help on new projects that are still being shaped. Our community is all about shaping creative projects, not just talking about them after they are done. Come join us as we spark a new creative revolution, and reimagine the creative process – driven and enhanced by community.

How It Works
  • 1. Post your project

    Have an interesting creative challenge? Sometimes, what you need is a fresh, outside perspective. With our invite only network, you decide who can view - and collaborate with you - on your project.

  • 2. Invite skilled experts

    View the profile, and previous work of skilled experts across a variety of design disciplines. Invite the person (or group of people) who can help you solve your creative challenge.

  • 3. Get creative insight

    Get expert insight, feedback, and design ideas by collaborating with other creatives who can help you improve your project - and impress your clients.

Collaborate and accelerate.

  • Extend your team

    Think of our skilled experts as an extension of your creative team.

  • Get a fresh perspective

    The creative process is non-linear, and the best ideas can come from anywhere.
    Be open to them.

  • Improve your project

    While "show and tell" is great, Collabrate is about improving creative projects while they are being shaped.

Interested in a front row seat?

How It Works
  • 1. Create your profile

    Everyone has an interesting story. Tell yours. Showcase your portfolio of creative work and key skills.

  • 2. Browse creative projects

    View projects as they are being shaped. You'll be able to see exactly what they are looking to do, and where they are in the creative process. Some projects are open, and others are invite-only.

  • 3. Give creative help

    By lending your knowledge and skillset to those who seek it you’re not just leading talent to proficiency, you’re building connections and networks through creative Collabration.

Hightail for improved client collaboration

Collaborate and accelerate.

  • Leverage your skills

    Put your skills to work on creative projects that are in flight, and are in need of your creative expertise.

  • Help shape creative projects

    Collabrate is not about show and tell. Our community is all about shaping creative projects while they are in progress.

  • Discover new opportunities

    When you help others create better projects, we highlight that - and you can bet that will open up more opportunities for you to contribute

Interested in a front row seat?