Management Team

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO, Hightail

Brad Garlinghouse

Chief Executive Officer

Brad believes that a truly successful company begins with its employees and the culture they build together as a team. Great people build great products and great people gravitate towards great company cultures.

It’s a philosophy that Brad has cultivated throughout his career, from management stints at SBC Communications and @Home Network to his time as CEO of Dialpad Communications. As a Senior Vice-President at Yahoo!, Brad was responsible for all of the company’s communications products. His transformation of that group’s culture gave teams ownership of their products and encouraged experimentation that led to notable successes, including both Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger becoming the clear leaders in their respective spaces.

Most recently, Brad was President of Consumer Applications at AOL where he transformed its Silicon Valley operations, expanding the reach of its existing products and reinvigorating mobile and social strategy.

He holds a BA in economics from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Harvard.

He continues to explore his thinking about company culture and has developed the core Hightail values of Be In, Be Real and Be Bold. Brad regularly writes about these and other topics as a LinkedIn Influencer.

Kiersten Hollars, VP Corporate Communications, Hightail

Kiersten Hollars

Vice President, Corporate Communications

Kiersten’s golden rule of communications is: always be honest. It’s how she builds trusting relationships with the reporters, editors and publishers who will help her spread the Hightail story around the world.

Having spent her entire professional life in the Bay Area, Kiersten has naturally developed a strong tech industry network. It helped her when she was one of the first few dozen employees at PR startup OutCast Communications and when she took on the task of promoting Yahoo!’s tech credibility in a world dominated by Google. Kiersten’s strategies at Yahoo! were so successful, she was made Communications Director for all of Yahoo!’s communications products. Her love for the challenge of working for the underdog continued during a stint at AOL.

Most recently, Kiersten was a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, overseeing marketing for the venture capital firm’s portfolio companies.

Kiersten holds a BA in communications from St. Mary’s College of California.

If Kiersten had her way she wouldn’t have a profile on this page. She hates to break her silver rule of communications: the publicist is never the story.

Lynne Collins, VP Human Resources, Hightail

Lynne Collins

Vice President, Human Resources

Lynne is on a mission to foster a company culture at Hightail based simply on love: you should love what you do and you should love where you work.

Throughout her career Lynne has made a real impact in the tech world and beyond through her exceptional ability to build a company's image and culture from the ground up. As a PR consultant she was instrumental in online retailer's meteoric rise from launch through IPO and onto billion-dollar business, before she moved into the recruitment world with boutique executive search firm Exceptional People Inc.

Most recently she was Head of West Coast Recruiting for AOL, partnering with some of Silicon Valley's most talented executives to build world-class teams amidst fierce competition from the industry's big players.

Lynne has a BA in English from California Polytechnic State University.

All this time spent in the foodie heart of California served epicurean explorer Lynne well during her time working with food and wine entrepreneur Leslie Rudd. Talk about loving where you work.

Matte Scheinker, CPO, Hightail

Matte Scheinker

Chief Product Officer

Matte is driven by an obsession to understand the design decisions behind products and the specific human needs they represent. It’s a desire that guides his Hightail product strategy—every feature and experience his team creates must solve real problems.

His early days as an interaction designer at printing startup Liveprint showed him how truly empathizing with a customer’s needs is the key to building better experiences. After joining Yahoo in 2001 he started to look at the bigger picture, building teams that applied his user-focused philosophy to helping products like Yahoo! Mail and Messenger become the world’s leading communication tools.

Most recently, Matte was Vice President of Consumer Experience and Commerce at AOL where he was responsible for building and developing the product teams on key projects, including the redesign of TechCrunch and the launch of Patch user blogs.

Matte has a BA in Psychology from the University of Maryland.

Those days in the lab studying the vagaries of the human mind fueled Matte's passion for understanding people—a passion that now helps drive Hightail's creation of engaging products that solve real problems.

Abhay Rajaram, VP Customer Success, Hightail

Abhay Rajaram

Vice President, Customer Success

Abhay loves to learn new things and knows that no one can teach him more about Hightail than its customers. Ensuring their voice is heard and problems are solved is what drives his Customer Success team.

His eclectic career includes engineering and marketing management positions at 3Com Corporation and Wipro Technologies before he became senior product manager at IronPort Systems. This array of experience and knowledge is invaluable in understanding how Hightail can meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Most recently, Abhay managed product operations, strategy, pricing and training for Cisco’s Security Technology Business Unit.

Abhay holds a BS in Computer Science from the National Institute of Technology, India and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

A keen soccer player, Abhay knows that, as a striker, he always has to be on top form to ensure his team’s success. This is exactly how he feels about Hightail’s customers.

Ned Sizer, CFO, Hightail

Ned Sizer

Chief Financial Officer

Ned likes to say that he spends Hightail's money as if it’s his own. He wants everyone at the company to embrace the principle that every investment, large or small, must align with Hightail’s strategic, cultural and financial goals.

This fiscal discipline was honed during a decade at Ford Motor Company where Ned developed his finance leadership and analytical skills before a move to Siebel Systems gave him a first taste of the tech world. His ability to implement effective strategic planning frameworks and integrated systems enabled Ned’s next companies Macromedia and Omniture to scale and grow quickly, leading to his major roles in Macromedia’s acquisition by Adobe and Omniture’s successful IPO.

Most recently, Ned led finance and analytics at, building a very successful performance based culture and facilitating the company’s private equity transaction.

Ned has a BA in History from DePauw University and an MBA in Finance from Miami University.

Jeff Schmidt, SVP Sales, Hightail

Jeff Schmidt

Senior Vice President, Sales

Jeff builds teams with a transparent approach to sales. Long-lasting customer relationships are built on trust so a successful sales team is not only direct about your service’s benefits but also about how you deal with challenges.

This belief was confirmed during his time at IBM’s Coremetrics where customers routinely told him only his company actually delivered what everyone else promised. Never wanting to over-sell an average product has compelled Jeff to only work for best-in-class organizations, such as WebEx, Blue Pumpkin Software and Octel Communications.

Most recently, Jeff was Chief Revenue Officer at marketing intelligence firm, Pivotlink.

Jeff holds a BA in Speech Communications from California State University, Northridge.

Baseball fan Jeff knows that batters don’t hit every pitch on their way to the Hall of Fame, just as customers understand that no technology is perfect. A team of open and direct communicators is the best way to become a customer’s MVP.

Eric van Miltenburg, SVP Business Development, Corporate Development and International, Hightail

Eric van Miltenburg

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Corporate Development and International

Eric leads Hightail’s development charge with his unique ability to successfully connect businesses, people and things that at first glance don’t appear to be an obvious match.

This talent first became apparent when he began applying his traditional business school training to cultivate B2B relationships in the cutting-edge dot com world, starting in the 90s at NETCOM Online and later for @Home Networks. The value of his strategic insights and commercial connections brought Eric to Yahoo! where he led a number of key initiatives, including a groundbreaking long-term partnership with the leading U.S. newspaper consortium.

Most recently, he was Senior Vice President of Business Operations for AOL’s Consumer Applications Group, directing crucial monetization initiatives and the acquisition of innovative startups.

Eric has a BA in Mathematical Economics from Pomona College and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

But perhaps his most valuable education came as a teenager when his family moved to Hong Kong. Being immersed in a new culture was significant in developing Eric’s ability to view the world from various vantage points. No wonder he has such a keen eye for bold opportunities.

Mike Trigg, CMO, Hightail

Mike Trigg

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike manages all marketing, lead generation and e-commerce activity at Hightail.

His background includes a variety roles from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across both enterprise and consumer segments. Prior to Hightail, Mike founded an online gaming company called Spitball Entertainment and was VP of marketing and business development at hi5 (sold to Tagged), one of the world's largest social networking sites, where he helped launch the company's games portal, virtual currency, and original social game titles.

Previously, Mike was VP of marketing and interim CEO of Spoke, a social networking site for sales professionals. He co-founded Truviso (sold to Cisco), a real-time web analytics provider. He also was VP of product management and corporate marketing at Epiphany, a leading provider of marketing analytics and web personalization (sold to Infor), and an early employee of Octane Software prior to the company's acquisition by Epiphany. Earlier, Mike held communications, marketing and product management positions at 3Com and MCI, and was a press secretary in the U.S. Senate. He is also a board member and past president of the Palo Alto Community Fund.

Mike holds a B.A. from Northwestern University and M.B.A from the University of California at Berkeley.